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The SAVI Culture

Every company has a distinct work environment. We, at SAVI, are a passionate bunch who love what we do. Mondays don't bother us, ensuring everyone comes to work with a smile!

Bottom-up Feedback:
We all have heard the horror stories about terrible jobs or bad managers. At Savi Press, feedback is incorporated bottom-up, so all the team members are heard, leading to an extremely open and warm work environment.

Being the Big Fish:
Remember the hare and the tortoise story? We believe in being the tortoise – growing/moving slowly but gradually. The company’s desire to expand creates new verticalsand provides immense growth opportunities within the organisation. It's you who make us, so your individualistic growth is vital to us!

Relax! You're At SAVI...
Our business revolves around the liberty of ideas from every individual. Even though we have a set of guidelines in place, we love to see our people thinking out-of-the-box, and encourage everyone to voice their ideas, and implement them!

Time is of the Essence
We don’t want to get in to the debate of time being a human constraint, but we're certain about our people delivering on time, and praise punctuality as much as we laud hard work. Everyone at our business is task-driven and thus seizes the opportunity to stand out and exceed the expectations of their profile. This is what makes ours, a fun job.

Hustle, Loyalty and Respect
Some of you know where this is from! For those who don’t, our core values and ethos are based on honesty, integrity, trust and mutual respect. SAVIites are an honest bunch, and we share the same values with our employees, vendors, and customers.


Be it a party on the New Year’s Eve, or gifts for Christmas, or mithais for Diwali, we are fascinated with the thought of spreading joy and celebrating with new business ideas at every occasion. You must know that we are quite literally obsessed with Colours and Paper! SAVI’s lexicon does not include the term ‘boring’. A typical day at the SAVI premises is truly action-packed. We love deadlines and the fierce whooshing sound of flying papers as they move through the printing machines; we love the clickety-clack of keyboards, the sense of hustle in the air, and the ambient chattering. Yes, that’s music to our ears! Want more? Here's a huge shoutout to our get-togethers! A one-day trek, short picnics and a small party every month – because a little party never hurt anybody! Though we have our calendar occupied throughout the year, striking the right balance between work and fun is our forte!

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You’ll Get a Perfect
Design For your

We understand how important your business image is, and we want to partner with you to develop exceptional designs that represent your identity perfectly. Maybe you have ideas and know how to stand out but you don’t know how to make it happen. No problem! Let us introduce you to our creative in-house designers who will develop a custom logo you’re guaranteed to love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do color business card cost?

Single Sided Visiting Card Printing Rs. 95 for 100 cards starting

It is said that the first impression counts the most. When you hand out a business card, it represents you and your business. Make a great first impression by availing the finest single sided business cards to represent your brand.

Best Option For Hardcover Book Making?

Hardcover Diary PrintingRs 10550 for 50 Diaries starting

Hard cover diaries are a highly durable option for your business and personal note-keeping. The hefty hard cover and fortified adhesive binding make it a very secure diary to take with you on-the-go. These printed hard cover diaries are very useful when it comes to taking down notes anywhere you go as they fit easily into any sack or purse. Pages made from the finest uncoated paper make it very smooth to write on.

How To Make Custom Notebooks?

Custom Notebook PrintingRs. 79 for Starting from Book.

Despite the advent of the Digital Age, there is a certain assurance when it comes to writing on paper. We may have several writing softwares installed in our gadget-driven life, but the feeling of a nib deliciously making its way on paper, is undeniably joyous. For quickly writing down path-breaking ideas and scribbling notes, a notebook is a necessary stationery item to have. We, at SAVI, ensure your notebook represents your personality and stands out from the crowd. Our personalized notebook printing services are a perfect tool to add a dash of elegant sophistication to your stationery collection. It also makes for an excellent gifting idea for not just your employees or acquaintances, but also for your near and dear ones.

How To Make Print Presentations in Color?

Add a splash of color to your reports and presentations with our online printing services. Delivering a presentation is usually a stressful and nerve-wracking event, the success of which depends on two major factors: content, and its presentation. At SAVI, we take care of the latter with superior printing services rendering a fine presentation with an elegant finish. Impress your audience with well-designed reports and presentations. Enjoy the success of your online color report printing and climb the workspace ladder. Our state-of-the-art printing services, coupled with excellent processes, ensure the finest online report printing.